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Neosinerji, information technology solutions, from A to Z in need has been established to meet over a single platform.

Contributing to the attainment of a modern technological infrastructure of your organization, processes the data, information, generating solutions that use, and on the use of services.

Microsoft, Ereteam, Detecon, as Bimser specialist software and systems as well as a strong solution partners, private practices, the International Information Center Setup, Consultancy, Software Development, Business Intelligence (BI) Applications, Portal Applications, Data Standards for the Establishment and Training Needs side.

neosinerji with expert staff to create projects, sectoral expert systems, as well as standard solutions to your company’s needs instead of points, boutique solutions, we will build the service.


Service will give the insurance industry by contributing to the attainment of a modern technological infrastructure, processes the data, information, producing and more users use to help you become an industry. Preferred by the institutions, a stable, business-oriented approach and create synergy to be an exemplary institution has the power to compete on a global scale.

Our Mission

Through new information technologies, systems, and ensure the continuity of quality products and services, delivering profitability and contribute to the success of our customers.


  • Be Trusted
  • Be open to innovation
  • To focus on customer satisfaction
  • To have the quality of service beyond expectations
  • Being a pioneer in the application of information technologies that make a difference
  • Information technology and industry customers to add value to
  • Enhance employee qualifications, and preferred to be an institution